Thursday, November 22, 2012

Lead ball bearing inserts for Paracordist Monkeys fist self defensecreations

I recently acquired this handful of lead 1 inch ball bearings to evaluate their potential use in my self-defense creations. Shown next to the 1 inch steel bearings I currently use, I must say they are awesome! The 1 inch steel bearing weighs 2.3 oz, the same size lead bearing weighs 3.3 oz - 43% heavier for the same size! Before I can offer These in special edition creations or for sale by themselves, I need to find a steady supplier. If casting lead is something you can do, please contact me at !

Written by Kevin Gagne

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  1. Check with plating companies in your area.Lead is used in the metal plating industry and they make brass,lead,nickel and possibly others.Must be a website somewhere out there.