Monday, December 10, 2012

A new variation of the four-strand-out paracord monkeys fist knot creation!

In my recent blog post Paracord monkeys fist knot with 4 strands out, I introduced a new monkeys fist configuration that results in 4 supportive strands of 550 cord coming from the monkeys fist knot. In my second variation shown below, I left out the "mickey ears" and carried the snake knot all the way up to form a "handle". I think this version would raise more eyebrows than the other one, which blended with my car keys so well, I actually traveled on the plane with it twice. Please keep an eye on my Paracordist YouTube channel for some how-to videos on this soon. Once I sort out my favorite configuration, I'll likely be offering a new paracord monkeys fist self defense product or two!

Written by Kevin Gagne

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