Friday, December 7, 2012

Paracord monkeys fist knot with 4 strands out

This is my latest paracord creation, which i think will lead to others and potentially a new item for the store. After getting a sample monkeys fist fob from my friend & talented knotter Martin Combs, my wheels started turning. First to figure out how to be fob was created, Then onto variations of the design. The most interesting thing about this, is that you can create the entire thing with a single-strand and still have four paracord strands coming out of the monkeys fist knot. This creates all kinds of options, particularly for those concerned with the stability of swinging a heavy monkeys fist supported only by one or two cords. I'll do a how-to YouTube video on this concept, but for now hopefully this schematic will make the process somewhat understandable for many of you.

First I began with the lanyard knot. Aka 2-strand diamond knot to form a loop. I then begin tying the monkeys fist knot using one of the working ends. I work it so the lanyard knot ends up as the middle pass of the second series. The third and final series of passes for the monkeys fist go as follows: The outer two rows on either side pass over the working strands out of the lanyard knot, the middle pass goes between/under the two working ends.

Where the paracord ends emerge from the monkeys fist I added Celtic button knot Mickey ears. The paracord ends are then sent up into the lanyard knot to double it. After emerging from the top of the original diamond knot, they were used in a short length of snake knot.

I sized the loops to allow for a Lofty Wiseman style thumb thong grip. In total I used approximately 14' of 550 cord. The insert is a1" lead ball. I love the increased weight and less bounce off from impact. I also sized the length coming out of my fist to allow a bounce back to clear my hand and not whack my knuckles.

Written by Kevin Gagne


  1. you have inspired me, I now make paracord monkey fist snowmen!

  2. Love the pic! Lets partner to sell in my self defense line ;)

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