Sunday, January 6, 2013

A truly uplifting bit of commentary!

This just from a visitor to my website. It made my day so I want to share.


First off I want to say you have an awesome site. Second, thanks! My father was a career military man and as a kid he taught me how to do some of the braids you have as key chains and bracelets. I am also retired military now and during the first Gulf War I made dozens of paracord bracelets. I've done it here and there over the years but it was always a chore without proper tools. I just stumbled on to your site after seeing one of your videos on YouTube. I'm blown away seeing what you've done and my memory of my father teaching me came flooding back and I want to do this on a "slightly" bigger scale. Nothing as large as you. I will be buying a bracelet jig and other supplies soon from you. I don't forsee a "business" per se but maybe something for friends and family and I have a huge connection to veterans and cancer survivors so maybe something in that direction. Once again, thanks for reigniting a flame my father started. If he was still with us he'd love your site. Have a great day and a great year!!


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Written by Kevin Gagne

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