Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Interested in tying knots for money?

Interested in tying knots for money?

I need help with all my creations, but the greatest demand is monkeys fist creations and foremost the steel saints lanyards!

I pay $15 for complete steel saints. I supply bearings, u supply cord. U ship to me; I order enough to fill flat rate boxes which minimizes shipping.

Obviously before I can buy them from you and use them for customers, it is necessary to review and comment on your samples. They need to be approved to meet my standard and this usually takes three steps:

1.make and send photographs of the items. Good macro shots of transitions between knots and burns for finishing beads etc. I can get a lot of comments to you this way. A golf ball makes a good low cost insert for sample making.

2. Make and send to Paracordist Creations LLC P.O. Box 1635 Merrimack, NH 03054 for my hands on review. Ill look at things i cant review in photos. tightness of knots, sliding of beads, resistance on manrope knot etc. i'll email or phone comments.
3. If necessary a followup submission mailed for approval. Assuming its good to go ill pay upon receipt.

From then on, I'll send u bearings and email you orders to fill.
-There is no guarantee how many items ill request or how often.
-I expect that you do not sell my creations on your own.
-I don't typically credit individuals but rather attribute the work to Paracordist Creations LLC, however I'm placing bios soon of my
Tyers on the "about us" tab of my site.
-I may photograph the items and use them as I wish
-this is an at will arrangement that can be terminated by either of us at any time
-I will send tax related forms as required at years end


Written by Kevin Gagne

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