Friday, May 17, 2013

JOIN #Paracordist's Playground - NEW google plus all- #paracord forum!

JOIN #Paracordist's Playground - NEW google plus all- #paracord forum! The Paracordist's Playground is a place I've setup for the discussion of all things paracord! The only rules at this time is keep it civil and use appropriate language - I want this to be suitable for all ages. Feel free to share your work and links AND ask questions! To start, I've created four categories. Three are self explanatory. The "Proving Ground" is a place to show me your samples of my own products or your unique ideas for constructive criticism and maybe an invitation to join our company's talented group of "Makers"! I know at this point it may seem like just another place in a long list to post your stuff. However here's what can I offer that will make this Community worth your visit and posts! I reach hundreds of thousands of viewers through my website, blog, google+, facebook, youtube, twitter and pinterest. If I see something I really like, I share it everywhere, which means awesome exposure for your work. Second, every once in a while I see something I really LOVE and I reach out to the maker to provide them an opportunity to sell the item through my store - great for those haveing a hard time breaking out. Third, I'm very active in my social media, so I will answer questions, help brainstorm, provide advice and links to how-tos etc.

Written by Kevin Gagne

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