Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mini-Bic Lighter Case

Mini-Bic Lighter Case
NEW PRODUCT! Paracordist Creations LLC - Mini-Bic Lighter Case, $8.75 (http://www.paracordist.com/mini-bic-lighter-case/)
When I'm not using my Zippo lighter tying knots and making paracord creations, or when I need a smaller more controlled flame, I use a mini-bic. After my friend Marty, a fellow knot tyer turned me on to these mini-bic cases it immediately became one of my favorite tools. First, the case offers a great grip and better handling than holding the lighter directly. Second, the convenient loop hole allows me to wear around my neck via a paracord lanyard for ready and repeated access during a knot tying session. No longer do I search through the pile of cord and other tools searching for an elusive lighter!

This product was featured in my recent Paracord Lanyard How To YouTube Video where you can learn how to make a cool 550 cord lanyard for it, and see the item in use.


Written by Kevin Gagne

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Paracordist How To Tie a 2-Strand Diamond Knot / Lanyard Knot Endless La...

This video how to shows how to make an "endless" (no ends visible) lanyard with just a simple lanyard knot (two strand diamond knot). The end product has two loops, one for an accessory such as my mini-bic lighter case, and the other loop for hanging over the neck. The ends are hidden from view, resulting in a clean look and a very comfortable wear (as there is nothing rubbing against the neck but a single strand of cord). I saw this in the Ashley Book of Knots but only just recently tied one for this purpose. It keeps my lighter handy during a tying project, when I'm not using a zippo!

Written by Kevin Gagne

Sunday, July 21, 2013

COMING SOON Paracord belts based on the Tying it All Together (TIAT)J.D. Lenzen KBK bar weave!!

Coming to http://www.paracordist.com as soon as this week!

This paracord belt is based on the Tying it All Together (TIAT) J.D. Lenzen KBK bar weave that uses approximately 14" of cord per inch of belt. As far as undoing the belt, it is easy but does take some time! I've been wanting to offer a 550 Cord belt for a while now, but wanted it to be something different! Thanks to Chad Mashburn, we finally found the design that we love! Its handmade in the USA, fully adjustable and will be offered in a variety of lengths at a price comparable to that of a nice store-bought leather belt!

Written by Kevin Gagne

Are the Paracordist's Kleen-Cut Scissors Really Specially Designed forCutting 550 Cord?

The answer is YES! My friends, please see the following question recently posted on the Paracordist Facebook fan page as well as my answer. I will be adding some photographs and explanation in my product description to avoid future confusion.

Stephen A Williams posted on Paracordist's timeline
"I have been following your videos and website for some time now and up until now I have pleased. What got my attention was your new 550 cord scissors. You advertise them as "the only scissors designed specifically for cutting paracord". My issue is that they are the Xuron 9180 Kevlar Fiber Shear specifically designed for cutting the Kevlar fibers in the fiber optics cables. I think this is a foul on your part. You have a great many followers and they all trust in you. As followers we expect The Paracordist to not dupe us into buying a product from you. Most people don't research a product before buying and they rely on the honesty of the seller. To me your false advertisement is pure dishonesty for monetary gain. Not to mention your mark up on the scissors. I'm also wondering if you will delete this before too many followers see it instead of addressing it. Please prove me wrong on this issue. "

My reply:
"I am working directly with Xuron regarding these scissors. They have the scissor you mentioned that was originally developed for fiber optics industry as you indicated. The scissor had one specially grooved blade and one smooth blade. They also make a model with two smooth blades for cutting thin metal. It was determined that the Kevlar scissors did a good job cutting paracord. As a test, Xuron put together a pair with two serrated blades. It works amazing on paracord, and that's what I'm selling. They don't offer this version commercially at this time. They are made to order for me at this time. We are working on outfitting these with a different color handle to avoid confusion. While i appreciate your concern, you are indeed incorrect. My statements are 100% true although I understand where you may have been lead to believe otherwise through your detective work. Call Xuron yourself to verify. Ill add some additional blade photos and info in the product description. ... And one other other point, I'm selling it suggest retail price of the manufacturer. It is priced at a standard wholesale/retail multiplier. So I believe I've met your request to prove you wrong."

Written by Kevin Gagne

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Paracordist's Product Review: The Spool Tool for Paracord

Here's a review of a very cool product I was given the opportunity to have a look at. After making this video, I spend a few days with this item around camp. I found myself going back to it time after time to grab, cut and burn some paracord for miscellaneous tasks! Its not available for purchase in the retail arena yet, but you may see it in our store in the near future.

Written by Kevin Gagne

Paracordist's Black Widow Maker Self Defense Pool Ball Lanyard

The Black Widow Maker Self Defense Pool Ball Lanyard by Travis Huppert for Paracordist Creations LLC
Friends, I'm doing this video to give you a preview of the hottest new self defense product to hit our store since the Steel Saints Lanyard! A visually stunning piece of knot work, this lanyard is one of a kind. You will soon see color themed versions for each number/color pool ball. Truly amazing stuff that was love at first sight for me when I saw them. You won't find it anywhere but http://www.paracordist.com.

Written by Kevin Gagne