Sunday, July 21, 2013

Are the Paracordist's Kleen-Cut Scissors Really Specially Designed forCutting 550 Cord?

The answer is YES! My friends, please see the following question recently posted on the Paracordist Facebook fan page as well as my answer. I will be adding some photographs and explanation in my product description to avoid future confusion.

Stephen A Williams posted on Paracordist's timeline
"I have been following your videos and website for some time now and up until now I have pleased. What got my attention was your new 550 cord scissors. You advertise them as "the only scissors designed specifically for cutting paracord". My issue is that they are the Xuron 9180 Kevlar Fiber Shear specifically designed for cutting the Kevlar fibers in the fiber optics cables. I think this is a foul on your part. You have a great many followers and they all trust in you. As followers we expect The Paracordist to not dupe us into buying a product from you. Most people don't research a product before buying and they rely on the honesty of the seller. To me your false advertisement is pure dishonesty for monetary gain. Not to mention your mark up on the scissors. I'm also wondering if you will delete this before too many followers see it instead of addressing it. Please prove me wrong on this issue. "

My reply:
"I am working directly with Xuron regarding these scissors. They have the scissor you mentioned that was originally developed for fiber optics industry as you indicated. The scissor had one specially grooved blade and one smooth blade. They also make a model with two smooth blades for cutting thin metal. It was determined that the Kevlar scissors did a good job cutting paracord. As a test, Xuron put together a pair with two serrated blades. It works amazing on paracord, and that's what I'm selling. They don't offer this version commercially at this time. They are made to order for me at this time. We are working on outfitting these with a different color handle to avoid confusion. While i appreciate your concern, you are indeed incorrect. My statements are 100% true although I understand where you may have been lead to believe otherwise through your detective work. Call Xuron yourself to verify. Ill add some additional blade photos and info in the product description. ... And one other other point, I'm selling it suggest retail price of the manufacturer. It is priced at a standard wholesale/retail multiplier. So I believe I've met your request to prove you wrong."

Written by Kevin Gagne

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