Sunday, July 21, 2013

COMING SOON Paracord belts based on the Tying it All Together (TIAT)J.D. Lenzen KBK bar weave!!

Coming to as soon as this week!

This paracord belt is based on the Tying it All Together (TIAT) J.D. Lenzen KBK bar weave that uses approximately 14" of cord per inch of belt. As far as undoing the belt, it is easy but does take some time! I've been wanting to offer a 550 Cord belt for a while now, but wanted it to be something different! Thanks to Chad Mashburn, we finally found the design that we love! Its handmade in the USA, fully adjustable and will be offered in a variety of lengths at a price comparable to that of a nice store-bought leather belt!

Written by Kevin Gagne


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