Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mini-Bic Lighter Case

Mini-Bic Lighter Case
NEW PRODUCT! Paracordist Creations LLC - Mini-Bic Lighter Case, $8.75 (http://www.paracordist.com/mini-bic-lighter-case/)
When I'm not using my Zippo lighter tying knots and making paracord creations, or when I need a smaller more controlled flame, I use a mini-bic. After my friend Marty, a fellow knot tyer turned me on to these mini-bic cases it immediately became one of my favorite tools. First, the case offers a great grip and better handling than holding the lighter directly. Second, the convenient loop hole allows me to wear around my neck via a paracord lanyard for ready and repeated access during a knot tying session. No longer do I search through the pile of cord and other tools searching for an elusive lighter!

This product was featured in my recent Paracord Lanyard How To YouTube Video where you can learn how to make a cool 550 cord lanyard for it, and see the item in use.


Written by Kevin Gagne


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