Tuesday, August 20, 2013

CAMMENGA tritium compasses 40+% off

CAMMENGA tritium compasses 40+% off
Friends I'm going to add three models of the best compasses made anywhere to my store. My initial order with Cammenga has to be $500 min (then I can get whatever quantities later). I'll be adding the following models:
These are all tritium lit and induction dampened (NO bubbles!). The lensatic is official military and has a case and belt clip. Looks like this minus the lanyard i made:

To get my first order I'm basically looking for buyers at my cost so I don't have to shell out $500. I'm doing this Once then will gave them on my site at msrp. Your price would be the following:
Model D3-T $50 (+6 ship)
Model 3H $60 (+6 ship) - I just got mine at Cabelas for $90!
Model J582T (+6 ship)

There is no catch or fine print, just an amazing price. First come first served. I'll first see if there is enough interest (just add comment "I'm in for model #___") then we'll figure out payment (most likely PayPal but I could process a credit card too). 

Written by Kevin Gagne

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