Monday, September 16, 2013

How Microsoft and Best Buy stiff my 11 year old!

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So my son gets this Xbox gift card from Best Buy from his grandmother, no receipt. It has a security sticker on the back, right on top of the 20 digit numerical code you need to enter into the game to redeem the points. When the security thing is removed, several numbers become illegible. We try endless combinations in attempt to redeem his gift, but we are unsuccessful.

My 11 year old kid has has the gift, unredeemed, yet through no fault of his it's unuseable. We went to the Best Buy store and they say we need to contact Microsoft. I contact both @XboxSupport and @BestBuySupport on twitter and after a few messages of explanation they both provide additional contact info to resolve the issue (probably to get out of public view on twitter).

First Microsoft by phone. They say that once Best Buy gets the cards its out of their (Microsoft's) hands. They can't use the barcode or any info on the card to verify the validity of our claim. To "help", the customer service rep gives me a list of numbers/letters that the missing characters can't be. That narrows the possible combinations down to a few thousand! Another hot tip - dab on red food coloring it may make the numbers more visible

Next, I reach a dead end with Best Buy with this email reply:

"Hello again,

I am sorry to see how the code on this card has become unreadable; I can understand how frustrating this can be. Unfortunately we really do not have a way to process a return of a prepaid card like this as it is against the return policy. If the card has been damaged, you would need to reach out to Microsoft directly to see about getting a replacement code. I am not sure what they would need to get a replacement, but know that we are not able to allow the return or exchange of this card. I wish I could provide more information but I am not able to give another answer. Please let me know if you have any other questions and I will do what I can to assist.

Community Connector
Best Buy Corporate"

Don't you just love these corporations sometimes! I figured I'd share the story with 25,000 of my closest friends. 

Written by Kevin Gagne

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