Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Paracordist How To Tie the Slippery Constrictor Knot to Close Off the Ul...

Up-Cycle Used USPS Priority Mail Envelopes for use as a possibles bag. Keep that survival kit handy or miscellaneous gear that doesn't have a place of its own in your hiking backpack or bug out bag. Lightweight, non-absorbent and tear proof, low cost, durable and lightweight stuff sack! This knot is a great modification to the well known "constrictor knot". Because the constrictor know jams or binds on itself, is a great tie to close off a bag. For the same reason its not so easy to untie! Using a bight in the last step of the knot makes this knot hold just as well as a standard constrictor but is infinitely easier to release.

Written by Kevin Gagne

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