Sunday, October 13, 2013

Paracordist's Monkeys Fist Paracord Creations Demolition Tests

Paracordist's Monkeys Fist #Paracord Creations Demolition Tests: #selfdefense #martialarts 
DISCLAIMER: Don't try this at home. The actions you saw on this video were performed by professionals. No walls were unnecissarily harmed during the filming of this video. We are taking this wall down as part of some kitchen improvements; so I decided to have some fun with it by taking a few of my paracord monkeys fist self defense creations to task. I don't expect anyone to be impressed as it does not take much to bust sheet rock. However I was having a good time and thought I'd share it. I also have been experimenting with I-Movie a bit with hopes of improving future videos.

Written by Kevin Gagne

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