Thursday, November 7, 2013

Building the better mousetrap

I first learned of this awesome "self resetting" mousetrap design on Pinterest.  We don't worry much about mice at home because our cats usually take care of business. However, the garage has recently shown "evidence" of their presence. Together my lovely assistant and I assembled this trap last evening. Before I went to bed it had already taken three mice; and this photo shows the morning view. Every impressive to say the least. All you need that's not shown is a ramp to the top edge (near the hanger) and push the can a couple inches from that edge. I used a hammer from an adjacent box that I know they were getting on rather than a ramp from the floor. You may have seen my successful kills at the office with figure four dead falls. Those are fun but require special skill and kill only once before requiring reset. The bucket trap here is so  simple a kid could make it with a bit of help with the drill. For you have a heart types, just leave out the water so they don't drown. Send them in their way out back so they can begin their journey back to your home. Just do it before they go all lord of the flies on each other and you end up with 4 skeletons and one fat rat!

Written by Kevin Gagne