Friday, February 7, 2014

Paracordist How to Make Perfect Charred Cloth (every time) for Flint and...

Charred cloth is arguablly the worlds best tinder. It weighs next to nothing, yet a small amount can be carried in your survival kit to start a large number of fires. It literally grows hotter and more fierce the harder the wind blows, unlike matches and lighters which struggle in similar conditions. Charred cloth is capable of catching the smallest spark, literally capturing it as a glowing dot in the black sea of cloth. When you see that dot, you need only place it in some secondary tinder, like dried grass, leaves, pine needles or wood shavings; then wave gently back and forth or blow directly into the glowing ember. In short order your bundle will burst into flames.

With this video you will learn how to cook your own batches, perfect every time. I cover all the important details, including those often overlooked in other videos out there. What type of container? How long do you cook it? What type of material to start with? Its all here so watch, learn and go cook!

KIDS, this is not a solo project. Get a parent!

Written by Kevin Gagne

Written by Kevin Gagne

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