Sunday, February 2, 2014

Paracordist Playlist: How to Make Your Own Firesteel and Tinder 550 Cord Lanyard Kit

I'm proud to offer you this new YouTube playlist: this collection contains all the videos you'll need to create the Paracordist's original Firesteel and Tinder Lanyard Kit. This was once one of my best selling items, and one of my offerings in the early days when I only sold on Ebay. I've discontinued the item due to my inability to find a "maker" to assist with production, and the loss of the primary source for the magnesium rods. Now I've completed the video series that shows you how to make it yourself. This is an awesome project, and a great father/son, parent/child, or scout project that with a little guidance can be very rewarding!

The video shows all the materials needed for the project, many of which can be sourced at my online store at the following links:
Paracord Fid/Lacing Needles
Real-deal Made in USA #550 Paracord No-tangle skein
Gorilla Glue and Jute Cord - you local hardware store
Scrapers - we sell the scrapers used for bracelets, and the sugar creek coffin scraper; still working on a fairly priced source for the little carbide strikers.

It is my intention this year to bring all the necessary items into a small "project" kit; stay tuned!

Starting with an informational video demonstrating the use of finished kit, from ferro rod and scraper to the variety of tinders including jute, magnesium and fat wood. The second video teaches the all-important lanyard knot (two strand diamond knot), and doubling it with a loop. The loop can be small for adding the finished item to a lanyard, or large to become the lanyard itself! Video #3 covers fire steel prep and paracord handle installation. The video goes into great detail, revealing the secrets to this item that I've held close to the vest for a couple years now. The last video teaches another Paracordist original, the jute tinder fob. Cut an inch off for enough tinder to start a fire, and the rest will not unravel. Make dozens yourself for pennies each, buying inexpensive jute rolls from the hardware store. Even dip the fobs in wax for an extra long burn!

Written by Kevin Gagne

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