Saturday, July 26, 2014

First drink from my hand made birch Kuksa

It was a piece of firewood last month, now it's a cup full of tequila on the beach :). Hand tools only - hatchet and knife, coals from campfires to burn out the inside and sandpaper to finish. It's made from birch and actually called a "Kuksa". 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

37 rescued on a tiny local mountain - unpreparedness at it's worst

This story is truly a shame
 These folks should be found negligent and charged the cost of rescue. Imagine taking a group of 30+ on a hike and not a single person appears to have had some basic gear and navigation skills. Take a look at this mount major map I just got from the Internet
 look at it for a minute, you can see that route 11 runs north south, to the east of the mountain. This means that the no matter where you are "lost" on the mountain, you could travel easterly and hit the road in probably an hour or two. It would take about five minutes with a Compass to learn how to find the cardinal points (north south east west). This is not advanced land navigation. Even if the Hikers lost their map, this basic orientation would not be hard to remember. Moral of the story: if you go out in the woods, bring a map that you have looked at in advance. Bring a compass, at least know how to find north, south, east, west. Figure out the general direction you can head to intersect a linear feature like the road you drove in on, a trail, Lake, river etc. Staying found is not rocket science!