Sunday, September 28, 2014

Customer uses Quick Release Keychain Bola to thwart a knife wielding attacker!

Got this great feedback from a customer (who is also a police officer) that used my Quick Release Keychain Bola to thwart a knife wielding attacker! 

"I keep items on my belt for defense but it was cold and I had a heavy jacket on. I knew I never be able to reach for anything under that coat, so I kept your bolo keychain in the hand warmer pocket. I pulled in for gas at a station about 0400 hours, it was cold & foggy. This guy in a sweat jacket with the hood on comes running up with something shinny in his hand, yelling "I want your wallet you fat..." By that time I had pulled out the bolo & swung at his hand, hit the forearm and forcing his hand/arm down. That's when I saw the large kitchen knife (7" blade). I brought my hand back, swinging the bolo backhanded to the guy's temple. That made him drop the knife and reach for his head. I swung back forward and hit the other temple, giving me a chance to pull up my jacket and badge him. Called it it and subject was booked. I was on my way for duty, running late (roll call/briefing is at 0500 hours. Got a little grief for using the bolo keychain but that's all. Never get to use it as a bolo yet, by the way. 😉"

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