Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Paracordist how to boil paracord on turks head hiking staff handle

I made this video as a follow up to my comprehensive video "Paracordist on pre and post shrinking paracord / 550 cord - why you should do it and how! "
Paracordist how to boil paracord on turks head hiking staff handle

Lots of people have asked me questions about pre-shrinking and post-shrinking paracord after hearing me mention it in my other videos. For this reason, I decided to make a video on the topic, showing several items in my product collection and explaining why some are made with pre-shrunk paracord (cord shrunk before making the item) and some are made with regular paracord and post-shrunk (shrunk after making the item). In general, pre-shrinking cord is important for size-sensitive items such as custom fitted paracord survival bracelets or 550 cord I-Phone or beer can cases. If you don't pre-shrink the cord, it will shrink on its own over time and possibly become too small. Post-shrinking allows you to get knots tighter than otherwise possible through hand power. This is great for handle wraps, monkeys fists and other items you want super tight. In some cases, post-shrinking is done by carefully pouring the hot water on the item if it can't fit into a pot. As with anything, take extreme caution when dealing with boiling water! KIDS MUST SEEK THE HELP OF AN ADULT.

Written by Kevin Gagne

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