Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Paracordist How to Use a Primitive David and Goliath Rock Sling

This video is the official rock sling video, complete with helpful links to my website where you can find handmade paracord rock slings for sale. I put out a raw version of this video some time ago, with the intent of using it on a variety of online discussion forums that have restrictions regarding the use of company names, etc. In some ways it may be more trouble than its worth to make two separate videos. However, I do value the friendships I've formed and things I've learned from these forums so I want to share videos that might be of interest to the communities. Click to see some of my favorite forums on outdoors and survival related topics, and learn how to find me there!

Launching projectiles has been something I've enjoyed as long as I can remember. My intro to a rock sling was sometime in the late 1970's or early '80s when my cousin Robert showed me how to launch rocks in a makeshift sling at passing trains from his backyard. Since the statute of limitations is likely up, I don't mind sharing. I also tell this story as a reminder - boys will be boys. So parents, while it is an amazing and fun project to make your own rock sling, I suggest you keep safety in mind. Slings generate unbelievable power and can kill the slinger or anyone in his/her path.

As an adult, I started making my own slings after learning more about the skill on I used the round the head windup with a sort of sidearm release. I found myself launching more projectiles than I care to admit at my neighbor's house. Eventually I came across a video of someone using this technique but doing very little to explain it. I studied the video and figured it out for myself. Instead of spraying projectiles left and right I began to hit targets. The method is pretty dialed in left to right with the main challenge controlling vertical. At least safer for bystanders! WARNING in my experience, if looking forward is 12 o'clock, the most dangerous place to be is around 4 to 6 o'clock. This is where max force is put on the rock sling pocket and a poorly set projectile is likely to slip out at frightening speed.

Don't bother studying photos, the video will teach you this method like nothing else! This photo shows a key point in the technique - the bending of the elbow sends the pocket behind you and sets up the tremendous whipping motion that generates so much power on the release.
overhand sling technique windup
This cool photo shows the release and you can see the pocket open and the projectile on its way skyward.
overhand sling technique release
Watch and learn!

Watch this video to learn to make a rock sling out of a single 25' strand of paracord!

Then check out this video to learn a cool release knot - How to Tie the Celtic Button Knot

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Written by Kevin Gagne

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  1. great video, i learned a BETTER way to use the sling. TY.