Sunday, September 28, 2014

Paracordist Impact Weapons, Paracord Monkeys Fists VS. Blackjacks and Saps video is live

In this recent blog, I teased the imminent release of part one of a smashing new video! The waiting is over - Paracordist Impact Weapons, Paracord Monkeys Fists VS. Blackjacks and Saps video is live! Many of the paracord monkeys fist self-defense keychain creations you see today are based on designs such as my "doorknocker" or "battering ram" and the "monkeys fist keychain". The great benefit that all these have in common, is that they are inconspicuous. That is, they fit right in with your keys and don't raise any eyebrows as being a weapon. The importance of this cannot be overlooked, because in most places you may may possess a blackjack or sap but not carry it in public (but that doesn't mean you can't have one of these super powerful close quarters combat weapons on your bedside table). The monkeys fist key chain, conversely, is very decorative and blends in nicely with other "bobbles" on the average person's keychain. Countless times I have placed my entire set of keys with other typical pocket contents in the trays at the airport and - had them handed back to me on the other side.  With certainty, I can say you would not be able to do this with the blackjack or sap!

As you might expect, most positives are offset by negatives, and that is no different in this case! Most monkeys fist keychain designs typically include some length of paracord braid or sinnet. While the handle portion can be stiff to varying degrees depending on the braid/sinnet style, it is unlikely that  550 cord alone will be stiff enough to prevent blowback of the weighted end from hitting the users wrist arm or hand. For this reason, it is important for a user/owner of any self defense tool to understand its limitations, inform themselves of techniques that will mitigate the danger of injury, and perhaps most importantly practice practice practice. Start slow, simple, light weight and proceed with caution. Watch this video to see how, and to see a few night stand "nighty night" blackjacks I made for myself. 

Each weapon is introduced along with its weight in ounces, then striking technique is demonstrated against a 100 lb heavy bag. This is also my first experience working with two camera angles and the specialty editing required. I'm happy with the results (except for the backlight!). I look forward to implementing the dual-camera work into future videos.

Don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel so you are notified when the Part II video comes out - smashing more gallon jugs of water with these different items. Until then, this old video Paracordist's: Monkey's Fist knot lanyard smashes gallon of water, Martial Arts Self Defense will show you the difference in power between a 1" steel ball and a 1.5" steel ball on the Steel Saints Motorcycle Riding Lanyard!

Written by Kevin Gagne


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