Sunday, September 14, 2014

Paracordist Video Announcement - New Turks Head Knot Jig and Video Series

Written by Kevin Gagne
A few weeks ago, I wrote this blog post announcing the arrival of an exciting new paracord Turks head knot tying mandrel.

Now I've just posted a new video on my YouTube channel, walking you through the specs of the perfect Turks head mandrel AND announcing my plans to read issue a brand-new and updated version of one of my most popular how to series!

When I first published my multipart series on understanding the long Turks head knot, there was nothing like it on YouTube. I find it extremely gratifying after these few years, to see how many accomplished tiers credit me and Videos such as this Turks series with being one of their early inspirations. I've also amassed a large quantity of comments from beginners who have been frustrated in trying to learn from such a long and detailed video. While the process seems complex when you look at formula recipes and "follow along" videos, it can actually be broken down into a number of very simple and straightforward "rules". These rules very just slightly when you tie and odd number of bights versus an even number of bights. I believe that for many people, the guidelines or "rules" were lost on them in my videos because I was focusing on such a long project (one with a large number of wraps). Another issue, is that YouTube video annotations which I used to highlight many of the important points, are not visible on all platforms, such as iPhones. For this reason, and increasingly large number of people that watch watch videos miss some of the most important parts. Many people then turned to Turks head formulas and tying "over under" lists in an attempt to "parrot" their way through the knot rather then ever understanding it.

To address these issues in my "re-do" video series, I will do the following:
  1. Utilize the Perfect Turks Head Mandrel / Jig to demonstrate a turks head knot with a minimal amount of leads. I will use a cord color that contrasts well with the mandrel, good lighting and a neutral background to minimize distraction.
  2. I will use video titles to highlight the important "rules" rather than rely upon YouTube annotations which are invisible on some viewing platforms.
  3. I will focus on what you need to know to do this knot yourself, in any number of wraps/leads/bights. The video will NOT be about following each of my steps mindlessly.

This new series as planned is not a small project so please be patient as I work on it, it will be worth it!

10/13/14 UPDATE: The video is live! It is one of my proudest accomplishments so check it out NOW and please SHARE! Paracordist How to Tie the Long Turks Head Knot - for DUMMIES

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