Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Video in progress - paracord impact weapons vs. Traditional blackjackand saps

Several days ago I made the announcement regarding one of my upcoming videos - turks head knot secrets using the perfect mandrel. Here I want to tease another video project in progress that is sure to be a smashing hit! 

Below are a number of paracord impact self defense weapons. From left to right, top to bottom we have: the Door Knocker/Battering Ram (my popular design containing a three-quarter inch steel ball bearing), the Paracordist Monkeys Fist Keychain (containing a 1 inch steel ball bearing), the Mickey Mouse key chain creation I made containing a 3 ounce lead ball and a monkeys fist supported by 4 strands (featured in my Paracordist's Monkeys Fist Paracord Creations Demolition Tests video), the Black Widow Billiard Ball lanyard design by Travis Huppert, the Magic Mic Paracord Blackjack containing an 8 oz lead ball and lightweight spring loaded handle, and finally my "Speak Into the Mic" heavy duty spring loaded blackjack with 4 oz lead monkeys fist topper. 
In the video series, I will utilize a heavy bag and gallon jugs of water to demonstrate the relative power of these impact weapons. I will address safety and self–injury concerns and techniques to mitigate them. For perspective, I'll conduct these tests alongside ones with the following traditional blackjack and sap. Each are more than 20 years old and acquired in Chinatown way back when I was an intern working in Boston. The power and effectiveness of these weapons is well established as both have long, storied histories in law enforcement and the criminal underworld!

Written by Kevin Gagne

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