Friday, October 17, 2014

Awesome feedback is pouring in from all over the world on my latest video

The amazing feedback is pouring in from all over the world. People are successfully learning the turks head knot from my new video! 

"The new video is fantastic. I have been trying to tie the THK for more than five months now - seen all video tutorials and end up more confused than when I start. I watched your video with the amazing jig and it all seemed to fall into place. Being 65 years old things just do not sink in to my mind but now I see the 'rotation' clearly. I am so grateful for your video. I will be ordering a jig as soon as I can... Once again, many many thanks. NigelB."

In the plainspoken, easy-to-understand style that I've become known for I bring you the one and only video you'll ever need to tie a long Turks head knot in any combination of bites and leads. Cover your axes your hatchets your broom handle's your tools, your children - you  name it you can do it!

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