Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Paracordist How to Tie the Long Turks Head Knot - for DUMMIES

In my recent blog "Paracordist Video Announcement - New Turks Head Knot Jig and Video Series", I  showcased the "The Perfect Turks Head Mandrel Jig". This incredibly versatile knot tying tool was used to tie the 4 bight turks head seen below on the "Ring Your - Bell Rope" paracord blackjack.
I announced my intent to re-do a comprehensive how to on tying the "long turks head" knot. My intention was to take constructive feedback from viewers of my original multipart series on understanding the long Turks head knot, and make a new video that would:

  1. Utilize the Perfect Turks Head Mandrel / Jig to demonstrate a turks head knot with a minimal number of leads. Use a cord color that contrasted well with the mandrel, good lighting and a neutral background to minimize distraction.
  2. Use video titles to highlight the important "rules" rather than rely upon YouTube annotations which are invisible on some viewing platforms.
  3. Focus on what you need to know to do this knot yourself, in any number of wraps/leads/bights. The video would NOT be about following each of my steps mindlessly.
Well friends, I'm happy to announce that I've published the video that does all that and much much more! I've implemented the "already controversial" school bell sound at key points in the video to give you an HD "slap" in the head, a "wake up" and pay attention signal that is only slightly less abrasive than a slap on the knuckles by a Catholic school nun (personal experience). I did this because I wanted the call attention to the most overlooked yet most critical points in my first series - rules that if not adhered to will result in certain failure. I've expanded my video editing skills and included some cool picture in picture elements and an awesome "outtro" at the end of the video which provides hot links to very important RELATED videos to round our your knowledge of planning and tying turks head knots. Knife and hatchet wraps, tool handles, hiking staff, keychains and countless other projects are now within your reach.

I believe that this is my most effective Paracordist video ever! All you need in one simple video to master the "long" turks head knot in ANY size. Finally, understand the knot in such a way that you can easily tie any variation! Best part - IT’S FREE OF COURSE. I’m so confident that you’ll find it the best, most comprehensive and easy to understand how to video you’ve seen on tying the long turks head knot that I’m offering a no strings attached money back guarantee!

Without further delay, I present to you Paracordist How to Tie the Long Turks Head Knot - for DUMMIES

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Written by Kevin Gagne

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