Sunday, November 16, 2014

Paracordist How to Tie the Two-Color Ladder Rack Paracord Bracelet w/ "D" Shackle

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I'm happy to finally offer this follow up to my most viewed video of all time: Paracordist's_How_To_Make_the_Ladder_Rack_Knot_Paracord_Bracelet_using_the_Ultimate_Jig   In addition to the popularity of that video, the most repinned pin on all of my Pinterest boards is also a ladder rack bracelet variant (two colored).

After years of feedback, requests and comments I finally pulled together this video.

I've added a few "twists", if you will, to make this more than just a how to on adding a second color to the basic tie. 

First, I've shown the design tweaks  required to utilize an adjustable Paracord Bracelet "D" Shackle w/ adjuster as the bracelet closure (the original video used side release plastic buckles). After watching this and my original video, you could easily translate the two color design to a side release buckle or a Paracord Bracelet "Bow" Shackle w/ adjuster. If you'd like to purchase individual buckles of different types and sizes to make your own, please see our full array at the Buckles, Shackles, Scrapers and Toggles section of my website. 

The second "bonus" element of this video is how to join two ends of paracord together in the most secure low profile manner. This brilliant technique is known as the "Manny Method" for joining 550 cord, named after Manual Zambrano, its creator.

Third is the use of the Quick Buckle Jig. This incredibly versatile tool has been offered by Paracordist Creations for a little while now. This video gives you the first glimpse of how easy it is to use, and how to configure it for the use of metal shackles and precise sizing. 

Finally, I've added a video chapters slide to the beginning. I've made use of YouTube annotations to hotlink the chapters so users can jump directly to the part of the video that most interests them. I recognize that my audience consists of both beginners and advanced users. I often get requests from people who wish I would "get to the point" rather than do as much explanation as I typically do. Now they can simply jump straight to the Tie. What if you came to this video because you wanted to learn how to join two pieces of Paracord? No need to wait, jump right to that. Are you a beginner? Do you want to hear everything I've got to say, about setting up the jig, determining the right wrist size utilizing the tools? If that's you, then just sit back watch and enjoy the show. I haven't seen anyone do this before so I think I'm breaking new ground.

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Written by Kevin Gagne


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