Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Stand with me for common sense pressure cooker control

How many more people have to be injured before we take action to curb pressure cooker violence? Who really needs to make dinner at 15 psi anyway? I fully support crock pot meal creation: heck I don't care if you want to grill. However if we could save just one person wouldn't it be worth it? Think of the children. Sure there are some pressure cookers with fixed settings; but who needs a model with multiple non-standard pressure settings capable of cooking foods ridiculously fast? I've even heard some models are all black and have finger-grooved handles and battery operated timers. One manufacturer of these killing machines boasted in a recent ad "when cooking at 15 psi above sea level, approximate cooking times are one minute for shredded cabbage (yes you read that right!), seven minutes for boiled potatoes and three minutes for fresh green beans." I don't know what kind of whacko can't cook at sea level pressures. I am a realist and don't believe banning pressure cookers is the answer. Then only criminals and terrorists will have them. The answer lies in making them cost prohibitive to use; so that the terrorists give up. Tax liquid and air at 1,000 % for starters. This is just the beginning, who's with me? Do your part by spreading the word! Like/share and tag others that believe we can have a society free from violence! If you don't you are showing the world that you ARE A RACIST, and a hater of puppies, kittens and newborn babies. #Rainbowsandunicornsforever